The secret to working 15% harder without knowing it…..


It’s all about the music peeps, that’s it!

Hundreds of studies have been conducted, all confirming one thing — your rate of perceived exhaustion (how hard you think you’re working) on a 1-20 scale drops 4-7 levels while listening to music with elevated BPM (beats per minute).  That drop in exhaustion level effectively means you can work up to 15% harder than without music, and not even know it!!

There are a lot of reasons for this. Music is distracting for one, simply giving you something else to focus on. Beyond that though, it provides a pacing advantage with the body’s natural inclination to move to a beat. It also allows for additional endurance, and effects Serotonin and Dopamine levels, both of which raise confidence and tell your brain you can do more. How cool is that?!

I notice the difference in my effort level immediately with vs. without tunes.  My complete workout playlist is 400+ songs long, but here’s my most recent faves — try it, I know you’ll feel the difference.


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